Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just an initiative for dual-mode instruction? 

No, this initiative extends far beyond dual-mode! While it's been critical for universities around the globe to implement dual-mode capability in response to the pandemic, UC Riverside has used campus closure as an opportunity to invest in various classroom technologies that will maximize pedagogical exploration and innovation. These upgrades provide instructors with options, allowing them to determine which instruction modes best serve them and their students. In short, this is an investment in the technologies needed to create a future fluent university. 

As a faculty member, am I required to utilize the classroom technology?

No; RISE is not meant to be prescriptive, it is meant to provide valuable resources that expand one's pedagogical toolbelt. It is up to the individual faculty member, in coordination with their department chair, to determine what teaching method best suits the course, student learning, and campus protocol. Extenuating circumstances, such as student quarantine due to a COVID-19 diagnosis, may require remote participation. For official campus policies and guidance around COVID-19 and campus return, please visit the Campus Return website.  

What resources are available to faculty using RISE? 

This initiative is not just concerned with technology or pedagogy, but rather the entire faculty experience. XCITE has developed training resources for faculty and trained a team of instructional technology liaisons who can provide in-room support to faculty upon request. Please continue to check this website for updated resources and guidance.          

I am a student seeking a fully-remote schedule due to current circumstances. Does RISE support this? 

Yes; In fact, students will attend the first two weeks of their winter courses remotely.  Please reference the Campus Return website for additional guidance.  

What is winter 2022 going to look like? 

On December 21, 2021, the Chancellor announced that winter quarter would commence with two weeks of remote instruction, meaning that students must attend their courses remotely. Campus will remain open to employees. Instructors are encouraged to utilize the technology in their designated classrooms to instruct fully remote audiences.

Depending on the room assigned to your course, you may find yourself in a Room for Increasing Student Engagement (RISE). These rooms will display the RISE logo and equipment instructions will be posted inside for faculty use. Faculty members interested in utilizing RISE classroom technology should work with their department chair to secure a RISE room. Available resources include a list of classrooms, support process, and faculty training sessions. Please continue to check this website for updates.     

How did UCR determine which technology to invest in? 

Significant research and consideration went into determining which technology would be most effective from both an instruction and cost standpoint. XCITE and ITS worked with UCR faculty and peers at other top-ranking universities to talk through the faculty experience. Five different methods of pedagogy were identified, which allowed ITS to research and recommend appropriate supporting hardware. The initiative has intentionally focused on heavy-use rooms first, to maximize scalability and campus impact.

Which spaces on campus are part of the RISE initiative? 

RISE has transformed all 110 general assignment rooms, which accounts for one third of all instructional spaces on campus. You can view the room list here. A classroom resource detailing room-specific technology will be made available soon. Non-general assignment rooms and department-owned spaces are not part of RISE, however, IT guidance is available for departments wishing to upgrade these spaces. Equipment installation in non-general assignment rooms and department spaces is not supported by UCR ITS at this time, however, ongoing technical support will be provided on a recharge basis based on resource availability.  

Which video conferencing equipment meets the RISE standard for departments looking to update rooms? 

Video conferencing equipment guidance can be found on the IT guidance page. Recommended options include Logitech's Connect, MeetUp, and Rally Bar. ITS does not recommend Owl Lab's Meeting Owl Pro, as it doesn’t support enterprise wireless networks such as UCR-Secure and UCR-Guest. If you have a Meeting Owl Pro and are looking for troubleshooting guidance related to this issue, you can find support on the Owl Labs website

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